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Value, convenience, and security is only the beginning when you work with us.

We also offer:

Your rent will never change

We guarantee that there will never be a rental increase for the duration of your stay, a practice you’ll seldom find elsewhere in the storage business. Another sigh of relief: we are fully licensed and insured for our moving services, warehouse, and storage facility.

24/7 units access is available

We are open 7-days a week for your convenience, during which time you may drop in and access your unit with ease.

We beat any price

We beat any price to make our services affordable according to your requirements and budget.

24/7 security

Not only do you store your items with your own locks— and you keep the keys; but you’re backed with the comfort of knowing that your belongings are in a secure, protected area with 24/7 video surveillance. A manager is always on-site to deal with any issue that can arise.

Sizes to fit your needs

We have a variety of units ranging from the size of a personal closet to a two-car garage and even bigger. Our storage experts will give you a tour if you’re unsure about size. We charge you only for the size you need.

You can rent parking with us

We offer car parking on a month-to-month basis in our extensive parking lot behind the facility. We offer parking for vehicles as small as as sedan or RV, and as big as tractor-trailer.

We offer packing supplies

We sell a large variety of packing supplies including tape, bubblewrap, boxes, as well as locks for customer convenience.

We can move you

With us, you are guaranteed to not need to touch a thing when moving. We provide full moving services including packing from your home or business to our storage facility or any location in the world. Moving is stressful, but our experienced staff will not fail to deliver a premium service.

What size storage unit do you need for your items?

We provide professional service with a highly knowledgeable and courteous staff. Our services are licensed and insured for your comfort and satisfaction. Here are some of our most popular unit sizes:

5 x 10 size units yield 50-square feet of space and are equivalent to a walk-in closet. Inside, there is enough space to store the contents of a studio apartment.
10 x 10 size units yields 100-square feet of space and are equivalent to a 1-car garage. Inside you can store the contents of a 1-bedroom apartment.
10 x 15 size units yields a total of 150-square feet of space and are equivalent to a larger 1-car garage. Inside you can store the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment.
10 x 20 size units yields a total of 200-square feet of space and are equivalent to a 2-car garage. Inside you can store the contents of a 2-bedroom home.

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